The Happy Healthy youstory

Happy Healthy you+ was visualized on a happy sunny day in Amsterdam, while strolling with my 2 (crazy, yes certifiable) French bulldogs in the park (best activity to generate creative ideas!!), and it was then that the metaphorical light bulb burst into a bright rainbow of colours, and I realized how I could share my passion and the great blessings of ‘ancient’ plants with all of you.

I have always looked for a natural way to boost my nutrition & immunity by searching for ancient or different natural nutrition possibilities. In the process, I also focused on what different cultures and countries have used as natural effective remedies for 100s of generations. I believe to first look at a natural solution, and if all else fails then to explore further and then only consider synthetic medicines/aids. 

Please note that I am not preaching any doctrine and I'm surely not a nutrition prophet and for sure not claiming to know it all -  this is what works for me. Everyone needs to find what works for them as nutrition is a very personal and unique journey.

I discovered ancient plants in powder form, we could call them 'superfoods' if you like. They help to alleviate many of the issues/stressors we face in our modern lives. In addition they boost our nutritional intake, overall immunity and well-being - naturally

I found these amazing beneficial natural powders and experienced their benefits first hand. (Side-note: beneficial powders that my Frenchies + one eyed wonderful cat & I, religiously drink every day – our total daily benefit/blessing overload with a happy & healthy zoo + owner).

Only thing was, how to solve the dilemma of making these products accessible to everyone in a beautiful, fun, healthy and good tasting way?

Let’s face it, drinking dark green powder, for example, beneficial algae, isn’t music to any taste bud.

Most people find the concept of superfoods intriguing, but due to the effort and time you need to invest in your research: which one to take, at what dosage, is it from a reliable & good source, what are the actual benefits, and much, much more - it makes the mind boggle and creates a big old brain fart, and so most people stop before they even have a chance to experience the magic and blessings from this ‘superfood’ journey.

And there I was, standing in a park on a sunny day in Amsterdam, while receiving loving dog cuddles from my Frenchies, when the solution, of how to share my journey with all of you, dawned on me and Happy Healthy you+ took flight.

Hope you will enjoy this journey as much as we do!

Much health and happiness!!!
Athos & Sofie (aka crazy Frenchies), Rambo (aka one eyed wonderful cat), and me!


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