Do your products contain nuts?
Our products itself contains no nuts, but the 3rd party manufacturing facility produces other products which may contain nuts which cannot rule out that there is a slight chance that traces of nuts might be present in certain batches.

How should I enjoy the Happy Healthy you+ products?
All products can be consumed with cold water. 
We designed the daily supplements to be good tasting and easy to use, so you can easily combine it with water plus pop it in your bag to take with you to work or on holidays. 

We recommend the following alternatives to water:
apple juice
coconut water
or add it to your smoothie

For H2Pet, cold water only is advised or alternatively it’s possible to add this to natural chicken or beef stock.

Is it possible to return or exchange products?
We accept returns or exchanges under the following conditions:
1. Product is still sealed.
2. Product has not been used and can be resold.
As the products are food grade/ingestible, we cannot accept opened products.
Please contact for the return address and return the unopened product within 14 days of receiving your order including a copy of the order confirmation and/or invoice.The cost for returning the product will be at your own cost.
Please also see our Terms and Conditions for further info.

I bought my Happy Healthy You+ product somewhere other than the webshop, can I return it to Happy Healthy you+ directly?
Unfortunately not. We are not able to accept exchanges or returns for products purchased from any other store or online shop. Please return your products to the store where it was purchased in accordance with that store’s return policy.

Is there a certain time of day I need to enjoy my Happy Healthy you+ products?
You can take the products at anytime of the day, but we recommend for H2Detox that it be taken every morning before your breakfast or morning drink.

Is the Happy Healthy you+ products suitable for children?
We do not recommend the Happy Healthy you+ products for children under the age of 16. H2Pet is suitable for dogs and cats from 7 months old only.

Is it possible to use the Happy Healthy you+ products while I am on medication?
It is recommended to consult your medical practitioner before you start taking any new supplements/ Happy Healthy you+ supplements. 

I am pregnant or breast feeding, can I take the Happy Healthy you+ products?
All our products are 100% natural and from food sources, but we would recommend to not take them during pregnancy or breast feeding. Please consult your doctor for further advice.

For how long can I keep the Happy Healthy you+ products?
Each sachet should be used once opened to obtain the full benefit.
Each Happy Healthy you+ box contains a Best Before date to indicate the shelf life of the unopened sachets. 

Are there any animal products in your product range?
All Happy Healthy you+ products except H2Pet are vegetarian. No products are tested on animals.

Is there a special way to store the Happy Healthy you+ products?
Always store the products in a cool and dark space. Once a sachet has been opened, please use immediately. 

Do the Happy Healthy you+ products contain any artificial flavourants or colouring?
No. We do not use any additives, stabilizers, flavourings or colouring. All our products are 100% natural which contain natural superfood powders with either vegetable or fruit powders. 

Where are Happy Healthy you+ products manufactured?
All our products are made in the Netherlands.


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